Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Too Common Definition of Wisdom

The first thing to understand about Wisdom is that I am Wiser than you.

This is because I hold [random opinion X]. Any kind of logical argument you have for your opinion is proof that you are Foolish, and the fact that you do not understand and agree with whatever random whims I use to justify my Wisdom is also proof that you have no Wisdom.

If, in my infinite generosity I decide to explain the Wisdom of my position, I will simply repeat the same logic-free statements I have already said before, after all, those statements are the description of Wisdom. If in my truly sublime and infinite generosity I allow you to argue your side, your argument must be constructed of perfectly flawless logic, without any unproven premises. For purposes of the discussion any premise that I agree with is considered proven, and any premise I disagree with is unproven. If using premises that I agree with you come to a conclusion that I do not agree with then it is false regardless of logic, and it is yet more proof that you are not Wise.

I will grant that you might be more intelligent than I am, but it doesn't matter because you are a Fool, and I am Wise, as I have already proven by your differing opinion.

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(This post was originally going to be on /r/raisedbynarcissists but I realized it's wide applicability)

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