Tuesday, March 15, 2016

[Unix Koan] The Old and Young Masters

An Old master sought knowledge of a part of the Way which was unfamiliar to him. So he traveled to a village where a Young Master lived who knew much of this part of the Way.

When the Old Master arrived at the monastery in the village, the Young Master was aghast at his purpose, saying: "But thou art a Master of sixty years, and I of but seven. Wherefore do you seek knowledge of one such as I?".

The Old Master replied saying; "When you built this monastery was it with your own hands?". "No" said the Young Master, "for I know little of carpentry or masonry.". The Old Master asked who did build the monastery, to which the Young Master pointed towards two of his students saying; "They did, for Bar has great skill in carpentry, and Baz in masonry."

The Old Master said: "But they are younger than you".

The Young Master was enlightened.

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