Wednesday, August 24, 2016

About Us - The Far Traveler Foundation

About Us

The Far Traveler Foundation is a for profit organization founded in 2087 with the goal of promoting the development of technologies and engineering practices necessary to enable efficient, long term settlement of the final frontier. The initial focus of the Foundation was on the outer gas giants and the inner edge of the Kupier belt. But after the establishment of the first successful colony on Eris in 2113 (Valentina Base) the Foundation's focus shifted outwards to the Oort cloud and beyond, with the ultimate goal of establishing permanent extra-solar colonies.

We offer many technology development and deployment services, including logistical and social cohesion analysis. Our holistic system failure analytic prediction service is a three time winner of Extropist Plog's yearly Murphy Prevention Award.

Project Crystal Sphere

Project Crystal Sphere is the Foundation's flagship project, with the ultimate goal of creating baseline-tailored habitats capable of isolated, reliable operation for time-spans of 100 Earth years and beyond. The project benefits from some of the best minds in the system, as well as extensive contributions from corporate interests and individuals.

Despite the bleeding edge nature of Crystal Sphere the project has turned a profit every fiscal year since it's inception in 2107. New technologies developed by the project are utilized by our other divisions, published in our public repositories, as well as sold in standard tech-replication packages.


When using our services you can be certain of dealing with experienced craftsmen of the highest quality, and a technological base that is second to none. The Foundation adheres to the OpenFailure (2.3.5) and OpenAccounting (4.0.3) practices, including all optional clauses.

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